From an Idea to A Digital Product

From an Idea to
A Digital Product

Do you have a product idea you’re passionate about?
At Tinker we have dedicated teams of Artists and Engineers, who are just as passionate as you are in making beautiful usable solution

Web Based App Design & Development

If you’re looking to build a product that is available to users across all platforms and devices, a web app is the answer. We create custom solutions to offer content and features that you see fit

Native App Design & Development

Are you ready to become the next App Store hit with thousands of downloads per day? We build killer iOS and Android apps that are intuitive and fun to use.

Digital Marketing & Strategy

Viable products begin with focused vision. Our product strategists research your market and collect actionable user insights to generate, validate and refine early stage ideas
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Branding & Identity

We seamlessly bring together the right blend of strategic and creative skills to give your brand Emotional Competitive Advantage, setting it apart from competitors where it matter most – at the point of decision

Infrastructure / DevOps

Your technology infrastructure is what hosts your web platforms, mobile apps, and websites. We help you plan, implement, and maintain these systems.

Testing & QA

We take the hustle of being worried about such stuff as  your app/ service stability, load management, performance and finding bugs. so you can focus on what is important to make your app grow

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We ask questions in order to learn about your business and industry as much as possible. We look into your project aims and define project objectives.

The goal of this phase is to gain a deep sense of your targets, competitors, and the general business plan. By researching and analyzing your competitors, we identify opportunities that enable us to come up with a compelling strategy.


We take what we’ve learned in the Discovery phase and transform it into an actionable plan.

The essential goal of  this phase is to ensure that a product is built that delivers some business value to a specific set of customers in order to meet certain financial goals based upon a defined  strategy. Successive plans should increase that product’s effectiveness in doing so



With a  strategic plan already made we move on to prototype.

Real innovation always includes a risk of failure. Thomas Edison once joked, “We now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb.” By building a prototype, you can quickly weed out the approaches that don’t work to focus on the ones that do.


At this phase we let loose the creative juices in our best designers and present you with design concepts and gather your feedback and comments.

Designs are finalized and presented for your approval and sign off.


with signed off designs , we proceed to make the designs come to life , programming the complex functionalities that make  your business logic .

Our engineers love this phase


The next step is to test, build and measure, the implementation of our solutions.Every change we make everyday to our digital products  is an experiment–the outcome is unknown.

In this phase we gather critical data   to indicate whether our solutions actually worked and are indeed solving the problem the solution addresses


After all is said , coffee drunk, and pizza ate, (most of us love pepperoni ). We like to  see our products fly.This is the final spit shining phase as we launch  your product  to production servers and let the world benefit from the solutions we have crafted.

We also hold small office parties , we just love launching products.


Launching is not good bye  for us, we create a plan for ongoing improvements and future enhancements. We observe how users are using your product in the “real world” and discover the true results of our work as we monitor the project’s growth over time.

we love to see you fly high.


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